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Root Rescue – Your Garden’s Secret Weapon!

Millions of years ago, a symbiotic relationship evolved between certain types of microscopic fungi (called Mycorrhizal Fungi) and plant life, allowing both to thrive.

From the smallest shrubs to the tallest tree, the roots of most plants maintain a symbiotic connection to these wonderful fungi, and this symbiosis can be the difference between a struggling garden and a thriving one.

This is where Root Rescue comes in. Your secret weapon for healthy and sustainable garden growth.

What is Root Rescue

Root Rescue Transplanter is an organic plant growth supplement (certified by OMRI Canada) containing 18 species of Mycorrhizae and bio-stimulants.

Root Rescue comes in powder form and is mixed easily in water, and then applied to the root zone. The 45-gram pack will treat 40 x 1 Gallon plants, or 2 x 24” WB (60cm) Trees.

It’s safe to use whenever you plant trees, shrubs, conifers, perennials, annuals or food crops

How Does Using Root Rescue Benefit Everyone?

As we are sure you already know, plants draw CO2 from the atmosphere every day. They then “breath” out Oxygen as a waste product.

Through photosynthesis, the Carbon in CO2 is converted into Carbohydrate – a simple sugar. The sugar produced during photosynthesis fuels the plant’s growth – but – at least 40% of it is transferred down into the soil to feed communities of beneficial soil microbes too.

In return for the sugar meal provided by the plant, the communities of living organisms in the soil (the Soil Microbiome) provides the plant with water and digested nutrients.

So, through their intimate partnership (symbiosis) with soil microbes, plants take CO2 from the atmosphere and send it down into the soil – every day.

It’s truly like magic.

Although, for this magic to work, the soil microbiome needs to be in good health. In many areas in today’s world, this is not the case.

So, the right microbes need to be there near the roots – and that’s where Root Rescue comes in.

When you use Root Rescue, you help to maximize the plant/mycorrhiza partnership in your soil. This ensures that soil health, plant health, and environmental health are all achieved right in your backyard.

Looking for More Information?

If you’re in need of more information, check out this explainer from Bob Reeves, the founder of Root Rescue.

Where Can I Find Root Rescue?

Fora Outdoor Living is a proud distributor. Visit us in either Norwich or Ancaster today to get started with making your garden a healthier and more sustainable place.

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