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Recipe: Grilling Corn on the Cob

Well summer officially arrives today with the first sighting of Corn on the Cob. Perhaps the greatest grilling vegetable of all time.

You can’t really go wrong when it comes to grilling corn but there might be a tip or 2 that I can pass on. I guess the first thing to decide is to husk or not to husk.

A naked cob of corn will grill up nicely on a hot grill. 5 minutes on each side only turning once and basted with a little melted butter and sea salt. Or an unhusked cob placed directly on the grill allows it to steam and get a little char on it. The steaming effect does create a more tender kernel but I have never enjoyed dealing with the silk on a hot cob of corn.

My chosen way to grill corn is to peel down the husks on the raw cob but leave as much attached to the bottom as you can. Now remove the silk and rinse in cold water. Wrap the husks back up around the cob and place on a hot grill and they will steam perfectly for a tender kernel and you can easily get a little char on them as well. Again the average cooking time on a Med/High grill is 5 minutes per side. Now add butter and sea salt and dive in.

Adding herbs or flavorful ingredients to softened butter is an easy way to experiment with different flavours on your grilled corn. Fresh thyme, chopped chives, chili powder, smoked paprika, brown sugar, chili flakes and seeded mustard are all great ideas, so try a few combinations and get grilling!

Chef Jim Cassidy



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