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Recipe: Fruit Salad with Yogurt, Honey Dressing

So we all complained a little too much about hating winter and this is the weather we get! Phew!

Another cooling-off recipe this week as the baskets are fruit-heavy and amazing. Papaya, blueberries, nectarines, canteloupe, red grapes and pears. For this simple recipe use a little of everything and if you’re feeling it, put it over some of that wonderful leaf lettuce. 

Start by peeling, halving and deseeding the canteloupe and papaya and chop into uniform bite-size chunks. The pears and nectarines can be peeled if you prefer but it is not necessary before you cut them into chunks as well. Put all chopped fruit into a large bowl and add the blueberries and red grapes. Also add any other fruit you have on hand if you like.

The dressing is very simple. 1.5 cups of low or zero fat Greek or Balkan style yogurt (plain or vanilla), 1 tbsp. liquid honey and juice of half a lemon. Whisk all dressing ingredients together, taste for sweetness and adjust accordingly. If too sweet add a pinch of kosher sea salt and if too tart add a little more honey.

Fold dressing into fresh fruit and serve chilled on its own or on a bed of coarsely torn leaf lettuce. Some garnish options are toasted coconut, granola or finely chopped mint. Find a shady spot and enjoy!

Chef Jim Cassidy



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